For Agency Owners...

Harness the Core Of Your Business With This Ultimate Free Tool: The Secret Formula To Scaling!

With The Secret Formula To Scaling You'll Get…

  Daily LeadFlow Tracking: Ensure your company's progress with easy-to-understand, actionable Lead metrics.

  Metric-Driven Framework: Identify the exact amount of prospecting you need to close the exact amount of business you want.

  Unite Your Team: Communicate easy targets across the entire company so your team can rally together with you.

  Let Simple Numbers Remove The Guesswork: Allow a proven formula and implementation create predictable, real results for you.

  Speed = Money: Turn your prospecting efforts into time well spent instead of having to guess all the time.

The Secret Formula To Scaling is the easiest way for Agency Owners to create momentum and set performance metrics for the team.

Here's what some of our members had to say...


This gave me easy insight on how much input I needed, to get the output I wanted! I just checked the calendar and have 106 calls this month - even better, next month we already have 75 booked!


There's so many numbers to look at but this brought it down to the core things to look for, the frame. Now it gives me permission to get creative again. This makes it fun again. It's not overwhelming.


This is the stuff that makes business fun again! Hitting the numbers I discovered by using this formula, we have so many proposals out that I need to hire 4 new people!

I'm Chris Baden, serial entrepreneur, and proud 'FlowChat Super Connector'!

I help agency owners create automated lead systems through the personal DMs, and replace out-dated spreadsheet tracking and google doc scripting in their business.

I've only shown the Secret Scaling Formula a handful of times from stage, but based on how much it helped, we turned it into a downloadable template to share with you!

It will help you and your team prioritize, sort, track, and hit the goals for your sales activities.

My team has made it simple enough for you to apply in less than 15 minutes.

Click the button below and download the Secret Scaling Formula now...

For Innovative Entrepreneurs, Who's Product/Service Began From Fixing Their Own Problem...

Here’s The Exact 5-Step ‘Market-Disruption Flywheel’ We Use To Consult Visionary Online Entrepreneurs With… 

So That Their Product/Service Can Claim The ‘Market-Throne’ It Deserves!

What You'll Learn:

 The five steps all innovative-entrepreneur businesses must go through to leave the 'Stage-One Business' phase and become resilient, profitable, and (most of all) healthy. 

 Where entrepreneur-resentment begins in new businesses and the simple fix to keep you in the creative zone without draining your soul's passion, (which got you where you are)

 What the recent 'shift' in online business means for your innovative product/service and the one switch needed to profit from it (more on this in the training)

 Why selling in the earlier stages of your business probably felt easier (and more fun) compared to now. (Btw, you're not LESS awesome now). If you see your business as a tool for positive change in the world, go through this asap)

It’s free to watch and powerfully effective.

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